Bizzenith online marketplace is a multi-vendor / multi-seller, classified ads, e-commerce, online web-stores in Nigeria that provides a robust and holistic online platform where producers, wholesalers, retailers and consumers(customers) can meet to transact business through the use of information technology. It provides the necessary convenience in buying and selling process by simplifying the process to the clicks of few buttons on internet ready Laptops, tablets and smart phones. It is owned and managed by BIZMARSHAL NIG LIMITED. RC 1379919

It simplifies the online process of buying and selling where customers can buy from a very wide selection of goods that are available in our stores.
We provide the avenue for the sale of all items from physical products to downloadable items
It is also meant to be used by service providers who are I T inclined to connect with a wide range of potential customers. They can make use of the website by creating a business page or forum where they can be contacted by anyone who needs their services.

It combines social networking, marketplace, classified ads, auction and forum to give a very impressive atmosphere for social interaction and business networking.
We develop this online marketplace bearing in our mind the need for individuals, micro, small , medium and large business to have online presence for their business by providing them free web-stores to sell their goods and make more money in a socializing manner. If you really want to move your business up, move it to www.bizzenith.com.ng .
We also act as intermediary between the distributors, wholesalers or retailers to supply goods that are unavailable locally. This is a website for everyone. Farmers can also sell their produce through our marketplace. Sign up for Bizzenith marketplace here

Our Vision
Our vision is to make buying and selling so simple that everyone who can use smart phone in Nigeria can sell or buy through us
We aim to make our service available all over Nigeria
We aim to be the window through which non Nigerians can buy made in Nigeria goods
We aim to be the largest indigenous online multi-vendor / multi-seller marketplace in Nigeria
We aim to be the safest marketplace in Nigeria where everyone can shop with rest of mind

Our Services
We are the first social and business networking website in Nigeria
We are a reliable leader in multi-vendor/ multi-seller website in Nigeria
We are the first and the best online auction website in Nigeria
We also provide forums where our users can discuss and learn from one another
We also have the marketplace for any kind of product. ranging from physical to downloadable items like pictures, e-books, videos, music tracks and albums, digital artworks and so on. Read information on how to sell on Bizzenith marketplace

Our Mission
Our foremost mission is to provide convenience to the customers followed by best value for money backed by quality and satisfaction.
Our esteemed mission is to help micro, small, medium and large enterprises in Nigeria increase their sales and profits.
Our sincere mission is to simplify the online shopping process where goods can be delivered at door steps.

The objectives of Bizzenith marketplace are as follow:
To promote and stimulate business growth in Nigeria
To give micro, small, medium and large scale enterprises in Nigeria an online presence
To give our customers the best value for their money

Our Values
Our values is strictly based on WE CARE model
W = Welcoming : We welcome all forms of business to help them increase their sales and profit
E = Enterprising : The idea for an innovative virtual business community, known as Bizzenith marketplace is rooted in the conviction that we will serve you better
C = Candor : A more subtle and perhaps our most powerful value in the bizzenith’s arsenal of attraction is our unrelenting openness, sincerity and honesty
A = Apogee : As our name implies, “BIZZENITH” we will help you take your business to its’ Zenith
R = Respect : Our users and customers are highly honored and are placed in high esteem
E = Excellence : We pride our self as the best e-commerce , multi-vendor , multi-seller marketplace in Nigeria

Read our frequently asked questions for more information